Join us for A¦B¦C ontemporary's season opening exhibition, Showtime, featuring films by Mihai Grecu (FR/RO), Ericka Beckman (USA), Keren Cytter (IL), Tova Mozard (SWE), Matei Bejenaru (RO), Mircea Nicolae (RO), Jim Finn (USA), Natalia LL (PO), Kirsten Stoltmann (USA), and Dor Guez (IL). 

The exhibition will take the form of a cinema within the gallery, and each artist's video will be featured in one of three categories: Poetics of Resistance, Personal Confessions, and Broken Utopias. 

Each of these three themes will play at certain listed times, thus offering the visitors the possibility to engage with the work in a more dedicated fashion.

Poetics of Resistance
- Mircea Nicolae
- Natalia LL
- Mihai Grecu
Personal Confessions 
- Tova Mozard
- Dor Guez
- Kirsten Stoltmann
Broken Utopias
- Ericka Beckman
- Matei Bejenaru
- Jim Finn
- Keren Cytter

We look forward to seeing you at the vernissage on August 29, 7-10pm. Popcorn and drinks will be served.