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"Toward the Vanishing Points"

a solo exhibition by Michael Hirschbichler


Vernissage: Thursday, February 12, 2015, 7-10pm

Breitensteinstrasse 45

8037 Zürich


044 271 4 888


Endless spatial perspectives open up into the distance like a fan in monotonous repetitions, abandoned scenarios spread out among starkly towering monumental structures creating scenarios in which people are inexistent and where built structures and space dominate. 

Ideologically charged architecture and the venues of misdeeds in human history are placed in relation one to another, are counterposed and layered, and their mechanisms for the organization and manipulation of people and societies examined.

Michael Hirschbichler considers plans, photo collages and models to be tools of a speculative-critical archeology, by means of which to reveal layers of reality.  Using these media he studies, manipulates and assembles architectural-spatial fragments, forming them into dystopic spaces which are exaggerated to absurd extremes through scaling, repetition, contrasts and alienation.

A play on the meaning of point, a dot but also a topic, the exhibition deals with our utopias which become mere vanishing points, further and further away, never to be attained but endlessly desired and imagined.

We see situations that are disturbing and familiar at once, which take form through analytic-manipulative interpretations of the history of architecture. Particular attention is paid to the moment when plans and utopias turn into dystopias, when striving for efficiency and a large-scale design produces absurd and inhumane situations.

Michael Hirschbichler, born in 1983, works on the threshold of art and architecture. His speculative-critical artistic investigations in different media are tightly interwoven with his theoretical reasoning and writing. Recurring themes in his work are existential aspects of human life as it unfolds within planned spaces and ordering structures. Michael Hirschbichler studied architecture at ETH Zurich and philosophy at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. He received numerous scholarships and awards, among others from the German National Academic Foundation, Erich-Degen-Foundation and Sutor-Foundation. He was a finalist of the Arte Laguna Prize 2012, the Swiss Art Awards 2012, the Lisbon Triennale Début Award 2013 and is a recipient of the Villa Massimo Award 2015 by the German Academy in Rome. His works are presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions and are published widely.



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Exhibition Shots

'Heimat' - Paintings

Opening - Video - Short description 2.2min