Naoki Fuku will be shown at Winzavod Center for contemporary art Moscow, 14th of November 2014

About Naoki Fuku

Naoki Fuku is a Japanese artist who was born in Tokyo. He moved to London where he started to focus on his artistic career. Nowadays he is residing and working in Germany and Switzerland.He studied painting under the Japanese painter and art school teacher 'Naoko Yanase'. Further he took courses in 'Shodo', Japanese Calligraphy.


His work consists of object works, paintings and photographs and often takes a mixed view on social, political and cultural issues in both systematic as well as poetic ways, inviting the viewer to move into a space of speculation. The media coverage of world affairs is his main source of inspiration, while the feeling of modernity is hidden in most of his works. Hisobject works are placed in the canon of the western culture, attempting to make visible what might be overlooked in today’s modern life.


Naoki Fuku’s works are owned by various private collectors and are commissioned by companies such as Japan's biggest clothing company UNIQLO. The artist’s work has been exhibited at galleries and alternative venues in Japan, Switzerland, Germany, England, France, Austria, Brazil, the Netherlands and Russia.


Darling, what shall we eat tonight, Oil on canvas, 160 x 120 cm
Darling, what shall we eat tonight, Oil on canvas, 160 x 120 cm

Exhibitions (solo and selected group exhibitions)




Winazod Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow





“Air 9”, the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Dec)

''Experiment 2'', Graz University Museum, Graz, Austria (Oct)

"Cooperation Territory'', 16th Line Gallery, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

''Experiment'', Graz University Museum, Graz, Austria

"Art Kieswerk'' (Shared solo), Kieswerk, Weil am Rhein, Germany

''One Size show", Art Space Basel, Basel, Switzerland

"Hope within Lost" (solo), Haus Am Bach Gallery, Sissach, Switzerland




"Stassi", AB Contemporary Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland

''Amsterdam Showcase'', Oude Kirk,  Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Badische Zeitung Ausstellung", Volksbank Gallery, Loerrach, Germany

''Kunst in Szene'', Loeba Gallery, Loerrach, Germany

''Night of the open atelier'', Loerrach, Germany

''foto foire 1'', Galeria Lourdina Jean Labieh, Sao Paulo, Brasil

''The Best of'', Art Space Basel, Basel, Switzerland

''CAMPBASEL 2012'', Cirquit NT, Basel, Switzerland

''Before the 7th'' (solo), Art Space Basel, Basel, Switzerland




''Portraiture unraveled'', The Lloyd Gill Gallery, Somerset, Englland 




Media / Publications 



Russian national TV News (Russiya1 & Rostov TV), “Hope is always a goodthing”, Russia, August

Badische Zeitung, “Ein spannendes Gesamtkunstwerk“, Lörrach, Germany, June 11


Badische Zeitung, “Wie Gedichte ohne Worte“, Lörrach, Germany, Nov 6 

Badische Zeitung, “Bisher noch Beobachter“, Lörrach, Germany, Oct 18 


Saatchi Gallery, “Saatchi online top 10 painting”, Rebecca Willson, London, UK, April





UNIQLO, painting for summer campaign, Tokyo, Japan


Curatorial Projects 



“Confession Session”, dr kuckkucks labrador (Warteck), Basel, Switzerland.




UNIQLO, Tokyo, Japan

AB Contemporary Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland