Join A¦B¦C ontemporary for the opening of the first solo gallery show in Zurich of artist/filmmaker Stefan Constantinescu's painting series

An Infinite Blue



A¦B¦C ontemporary, Breitensteinstr. 45, Zurich

Friday, November 7, 7pm-10pm

Started in 2009, the ongoing project is titled after a 1970 song by Romanian singer Angela Similea.  The images originate in old Romanian Socialist propaganda photographs that through the artist's rendition, become testaments of a lost period in the artist's youth, that is wrought with nostalgia and longing, while also reflecting a dark moment in history.  

The exhibition will also include several drawings and a video, Dacia 1300: My Generation.

This exhibition takes place in conjunction with the artist's exhibition  at Corner College, I Dreamt of You so Much That...

Stefan Constantinescu is a filmmaker and artist living and working in Stockholm. He works in a multiplicity of mediums including film, photography, artist books and painting. In 2009 he represented Romania at the Venice Biennale with the film Troleibuzul 92. He has exhibited his films and other work in group and solo museum shows throughout Sweden and the rest of Europe.  In 2012 his short film Family Dinner was selected for the competition of the 51st Semaine de la Critique in Cannes, and in 2013 his film Six Big Fish premiered in the international competition Pardi di domani of the Locarno Film Festival.  He is currently working on a feature-length film, Seven Shades of Love, composed of a series of seven shorts portraying the conflict inherent in amorous relationships.