Geo Saison 

Special Züri West

Februar 2015

   Our exhibition in 2014

   An Infinite Blue

   Solo Show
   Stefan Constantinescu

   Curated by Olga Stefan

   Press Review Annabelle 20/2014, p. 54

   From our former exhibition

   Rune Guneriussen

   Title for 'Schauspielhaus Zürich'

   'Ein Sommernachtstraum'

    Saison 2014/15

   Our exhibitions in 2014

   30/30 Image Archive Project, curated by Tilman

   Showtime. Curated by Olga Stefan

   Press Review, Tagesanzeiger, Züri Tipp, Paulina Szczesniak

   Our exhibitions in 2013/2014

   Territories, Baltensperger+Siepert

   Y-Young Talents of ZHDK

   Press Review, Tagesanzeiger, Züri Tipp, Paulina Szczesniak

   Our exhibition 2013

   Simon Menner - Stasi

   Press Reveiw by NZZ, Zürich

   Bruno Streich at Kunsthalle Winterthur

  Opening of the gallery in August 2011

  Press Review by the elephant magazine, No 9 / 2011

   Our second exhibition, autumn 2011

   Huy Xuan Nguyen, VT

   Press Review, Swiss Airline Magazine

   Our exhibition in summer 2013

   Rune Guneriussen, N

   Press Review, Aesthetica Magazine, Issue 52, Apr/May 2013

   Our exhibition at Art Bodensee                                          

   Niki Passath

   Press Review, Bodensee Magazin,  July 2012

   Our exhibition in September 2012

   Pe Lang -. Moving objects

   Press Review, Passagen, Pro Helvetia Magazine, 2/2012, No 59